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  • Shanghai Huoke New Material Co., Ltd is located in Yangpu New Material Science Park of Shanghai China. We are specializing in the fireproof sealing products and serving to the global shipbuilding and offshore enterprises. We had developed HK-MG type spigot firestop cable and pipe penetrations, ultralight HK-16 type A class fireproof putty and other products successfully. Our products had been sold widely in various shipbuilding industry concentration areas of China and Singapore.

    The HK-MG type spigot firestop cable /pipe transit which is produced by intumescent flame-retardant technology (Intumex Technology) . The products had been type approved by CCS, ABS, DNV GL, BV, LR, RINA, NK, RS, MED.

    “Focus on products, Continuous improvement, Customers focus and Serve with heart is our tenet. And we will provide the best solutions and the most complete after-sales services to our customers. We have supplied good products and services for many domestic shipbuilding and marine engineering enterprises, and receive a high degree of recognition.

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    • TEL: 021-66308119

      TEL: 15921218885

    • E-MAIL: chendongliang@shhuoke.com

      E-MAIL: chengwan@shhuoke.com

    • Add:Building 13, No. 135 Guowei Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    德宏呈谮汽车维修投资有限公司 机床丝杆有限公司| 饲料加工设备北京有限公司| 通信上海有限公司| 郑州农富康生物科技有限公司| 长春朗凡减速机有限公司| 热水循环泵上海有限公司| 蜗轮蜗杆减速机有限公司| 河南乐购互联网科技有限公司| 植保机械有限公司| 广电上海有限公司| 327 616 169 124 447